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What is a valve?

from Valve Magazine A valve is a product rarely noticed by the average person, yet it plays an important role in the quality of our life.

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The Pump Affinity Laws 2-1

from The McNally Institute In this article, you will learn about Pump Affinity Laws. Pump Affinity Laws There are occasions when you might want to permanently

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The Non Seal Pump

The Non Seal Pump The McNally Institute Non-leak pumps have been the dream of pump designers ever since the first pump was invented back in

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The Dual Seal Arrangement

from Dual seals are recommended for a variety of purposes that include: To prevent a costly product from leaking To prevent a dangerous product from

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The API Gland

The API Gland The McNally Institute The seal gland is that part that holds the stationary half of the mechanical seal and attaches to the

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The ANSI Pump Standard 14-5

from The McNally Institute ANSI is an acronym used to describe the American National Institute Pump Standard. The standard evolved from the American Voluntary Standard (AVS)

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