Asset Management / Life Cycle Cost

Energy and Life Cycle Cost Savings in Pumping Systems

In this paper the authors examine opportunities for energy savings at water treatment facilities in North America and how energy savings can be achieved. The authors discuss specific approaches, such as using variable speed drives and high efficiency motors as primary sources to realize increased payback of original equipment cost. In addition, this paper explored life cycle costing as a method to justify investment in equipment upgrades, moving beyond just simple payback periods. The authors use existing treatment facilities for reference throughout the paper.

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Project Planning: Repowering or Replacement: What Is the Solution?

In addition to an increase in greenfield plants, Stone & Webster Management Consultants Inc. (Stone & Webster Consultants) has seen increased interest in solid fuel repowering of existing oil- and gas-fired boilers. The primary reason for this interest is that repowering an existing gas- and/or oil-fired power plant with solid fuel boilers potentially has a lower capital cost and lower development risk than developing a new greenfield solid fuel – fired power plant.

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