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Asset Management Software Recommender Driven by AI. 

Comparesoft provides unbiased and personalised recommendations of asset management software.
Operational since April 2017, It is used by GE, Siemens, Canary Wharf Limited, Transport for London, Volvo and 1100 other businesses from 32 different countries. Comparesoft’s recommendation engine is driven by artificial intelligence which aims to provide human-level recommendation using machine data.

Reliability and Maintenance Management Consulting

IDCON has provided reliability and maintenance consulting services to small, mid-sized and large companies since 1972 in over 50 different countries. We work in the heavy process industry in mining, oil and gas, pulp and paper, steel and metals, cement, food, but also in manufacturing and facilities.  Our mission is to improve overall reliability and minimize total production cost.

Reliability Solutions LLC
Effective Organizations, Precision Maintenance®, Process Excellence and Asset Condition Assessment

Headquartered near Pensacola Florida, Reliability Solutions LLC has been in operation since 2003. Reliability Solutions, provides hands-on | hard skills training to meet all Reliable Manufacturing® needs of our partner organizations. Personnel are trained utilizing a standardized curriculum. Principles, strategies, tactics and skills taught are integrated within the Reliable Manufacturing® processes, systems, roles and responsibilities.