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Facilities Management Technology for 2023

In 2023, speed and accuracy are driving forces in the facilities management industry, to keep costs low, track and maintain assets and mechanicals and be always compliant. To do this, you need technology that’s easy to use and affordable. Using paper-based floor plans, maps, blueprints that are usually dog eared, stained, and filed away where nobody can find them is a recipe for disaster.

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3 Trends That are Set to Shape Property Ops in 2023

There are three significant trends that are causes of concern for the real estate industry and large enterprises globally in 2023. While most of these are common problems real estate owners and operators encounter, they threaten the very existence of such businesses during economic downturns. How do they keep themselves afloat and profitable? Real estate owners and operators are turning to technology solutions to find ways to curb spend and improve bottomline in 2023 and beyond. 

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Managing Today’s Castles with InMapz

If you are managing a large facility using blueprint floor plans and spreadsheets to track assets, this article is for you. If, the last time you had a water leak during off hours and it took the emergency repair tech a half hour to get to it after wading thru paper maps, this is for you. If your HVAC repair technician got lost on the roof while looking for unit #34 that required maintenance, this might be useful. If your employees have your facilities management team on speed dial, then this was written for you.

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Engineered Building Maintenance

A team of technical experts will make a thorough review of the building and its operating history. Led by a professional engineer or architect, they will review the original construction plans and specifications, if they are available. Then they will develop a specific reoccurring maintenance program, as well as a cost estimate, for each of the building’s systems and load it on their computers.

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