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detecting equipment faults
Preventive Maintenance

A Simple Fault Finding Technique

A simple fault-finding technique. Fixing plant and equipment about which you know little is daunting. Here is a simple way to help you successfully find faulty or failed equipment.

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project management

A Guide to Understanding Project Management in Engineering

Project management is widely used in engineering and other sectors to guide business operations and processes successfully. It plays a crucial role in helping organisations to achieve goals and meet expectations. To better understand project management, this guide covers all the essentials.

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Asset Management

Optimizing Maintenance: The Power of Metrics and KPIs

Maintenance metrics stand as the cornerstone for organizations, offering a crucial means to evaluate the effectiveness of their maintenance processes and attain operational targets. This article embarks on a thorough exploration, highlighting the profound significance of maintenance metrics and their pervasive influence on maintenance management. Unveiling the top 10 maintenance metrics as guiding principles, organizations can strategically prioritize to optimize their maintenance operations. By adapting these metrics, organizations gain valuable insights, pinpoint areas for enhancement, and make well-informed decisions concerning their maintenance strategies and resource allocation.

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How to Protect Your Business from Cybercrime

Whether you operate a small business or are part of a large industry such as pulp and paper, mining, or food and beverage manufacturing, cyber threats can cause severe damage to your digital infrastructure and have severe consequences. In this article, we’ll explore how you can protect your organization from cybercrime.

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predictive maintenance in manufacturing two people working
Preventive Maintenance

What is the Value of Failure Prediction – Early Warnings?

We like to be warned about things well ahead of time: when to buy or sell a stock, when we can expect 3 to 6 inches of snow, etc. The same could be said about the equipment and systems that drive your processes every day. These critical and expensive assets are expected to produce the valuable products your company is known for with little or no interruption. We might have a reasonably clear picture of how things look today, but what about 30 days from now? Wouldn’t it be beneficial to have a picture of what our systems might look like that far into the future… and have confidence in that view?

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Heat Transfer Basics 

Heat is energy and its nature is to flow from a state of high excitement to one of low excitement. Heat is transferred from a hot place to a cold place by convection, conduction or radiation. This article explains the three modes of heat transfer and provides simple examples of each. Methods to reduce and increase heat transfer are also presented.

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Preventive Maintenance

Preventive vs. Reactive Maintenance:  Don’t Neglect Makeup Water and Condensate Return Treatment – Part 2

Many impurities may transport to boilers via contaminated condensate return. Boiler tube and steam system failures are usually much more costly than preventive installation of treatment equipment and chemistry programs. This article touched upon only some of the important condensate return issues, but will hopefully galvanize readers to focus on these critical topics. 

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Materials and Spare Parts Management

Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Searching for Spare Parts in the Maintenance of Large Industrial Enterprises

In large industrial enterprises, maintenance plays a critical role in guaranteeing continuous, efficient operations. A key aspect of this area is the search for spare parts. Not only are the processes for identifying spare parts accelerated by implementing AI technologies such as machine learning and image recognition, they are also made much more precise. This development greatly increases the efficiency of the search for spare parts while reducing inventory costs at the same time. Find out exactly how it works in this article.

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performing bridge maintenance using scaffolding

The Fern Hollow Bridge Collapse: A Wake-Up Call for Bridge Maintenance Programs

The National Transportation Safety Board announced last month that the 2022 collapse of the Fern Hollow Bridge in Pittsburgh was caused by critical lapses in bridge maintenance and oversight by multiple agencies. This week’s newsletter will cover the NTSB’s description of the failure, differentiate between failures and breakdowns, and provide quick tips on bridge maintenance. 

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