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Embracing the Power of Computer Aided Facility Management 

Computer aided facility management (CAFM) is the utilization of computer software and technology to assist facility managers in planning, executing, and monitoring various aspects of facility management. This powerful tool empowers organizations to optimize their facility operations, reduce costs, and enhance productivity. By integrating data, automation, and analytics, CAFM enables facility managers to make informed decisions and efficiently allocate resources. 

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aviation maintenance technicians

Critical Gaps in the Sky: The Looming Aviation Maintenance Technician Shortage

Have you ever been sitting on the tarmac waiting for the plane to take off when you hear the pilot make an announcement? Typically, it has something to do with the side of air travel we don’t see, maintenance. Boeing’s pilot and technician outlook reported 610,000 new maintenance technicians will be needed for maintenance, repair, and overhaul services over the next twenty years. Production of aviation maintenance technicians will need to increase by at least 20% to meet the projected workforce demand.

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Maintenance Management

Industrial Coaching

This article will discuss the difference between industrial coaching and mentoring and how these techniques can be deployed to grow our people, so they engage with processes and thus improve business performance.

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pantheon dome

The Lost Recipe of Self-Healing Concrete: A Maintenance Dream

Enduring nearly 2,000 years of foot traffic, harsh weather, and earthquakes the Pantheon is one of the most impressive structures in the world. Modern concrete structures only last an average of 100 years, assuming proper maintenance is regularly performed. Yet the Romans were able to create a material that has the ability to heal small fissures on its own, allowing their infrastructure to withstand the test of time. Being that concrete is the most commonly used building material in the world, scientists have been searching for the lost recipe to self-healing concrete for hundreds of years without success. Until now, when a team of scientists finally cracked the code.

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interview with christer idhammar
Maintenance Management

IDCON Talks: Christer Idhammar

Christer Idhammar is recognized as a maintenance guru across the world in the maintenance and reliability community. As the founder of IDCON INC and recipient of numerous awards and speaking invitations, he has established himself in his field through engaging and often hands on demonstrations. Christer sits down with Greg Mecomber to discuss his experiences over the years and his appreciation for the field.

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uss lincoln

Potable Water Contamination aboard US Naval Ships

In September of 2022, poor maintenance procedures led to sailors aboard US Naval ships drinking and showering in contaminated water. They were exposed to e-coli and jet fuel found in the potable water systems on board the USS Abraham Lincoln and the USS Nimitz. The Navy launched an investigation and recently released official reports which revealed the root cause of the incidents and plants to implement remedial action. 

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changes in your cmms

Making These 8 Simple Changes in Your CMMS Will Give You Surprising Results

Everything has changed with the passage of time, except for your CMMS. Since the day it was deployed, it has been performing every single task at peak efficiency – whether it is pumping out PM routines, tracking inventory, creating work orders or generating accurate reports. Something that makes your life so easy and effortless surely deserves a little something extra. So what is it that you can do to get out of this monotonous routine?

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carbon motor brush
Equipment Knowledge

Motor Brush Facts and Maintenance

A motor brush is not a brush at all in the traditional sense. It is actually a carbon or graphite cube, commonly held in place by a spring, that acts as a conductor between the electrified stationary and rotating parts of a motor. The whole brush assembly is made up of a carbon block, one or more shunts, a spring and a holder. The carbon blocks are easily replaceable and are therefore intended as a wear part to prevent damage to more costly motor components.

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Semiconductor Industry Facing Worrisome Talent Shortage

Following the CHIPS and Science Act, semiconductor manufacturers have announced over $200 billion in investments for manufacturing. The United States currently produces 10% of all chips but hopes to increase production and account for 30% of global chip production by 2030. McKinsey predicts this aspiration will result in a deficit of 300,000 engineers and 90,000 skilled technicians.

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Facility Maintenance

Heating Solutions: Avoid Heating Concerns with Preventative Maintenance

When temperatures drop and winter weather hits, having the right heating solution is key for both businesses and homeowners. But no one wants to start their HVAC unit only to realize it’s not providing hot air or has completely malfunctioned. That’s why it’s important to have a plan in place that prioritizes preventative maintenance.

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