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Maintenance Management

The Missing Link Between OEE and TPM

So, let’s start with my hypothesis that TPM drives all three elements of OEE, namely: machine availability, speed and quality.   Traditionally as a Maintenance Leader and then Operational Excellence (OpEx) leader in paper mills and packaging manufacturing plants, my focus was all about machine availability.  If the machine was running, it belonged to operations and I could focus on writing PMs, improving RCM and building Gantt charts for my next planned outage.  However, experience has taught me that just focusing on availability is missing 2/3 of the opportunity to improve business by not embracing the entire OEE metric through maintenance action. 

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comparing size of a radioactive capsule (8mm x 6mm) to the size of a gumdrop (20mm x 12mm)

Lost Radioactive Capsule Proves Preventive Maintenance is as Important as Ever

Preventive Maintenance is as important as ever and this is extremely evident considering a radioactive capsule was lost in the vast landscape of Western Australia for nearly 2 weeks. Emergency services had been scanning the truck’s route for the last seven days and finally found the capsule on Wednesday, February 1st. A team driving down the road used radiation detection equipment to locate the capsule on the side of the road, outside of Newman.

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common mechanisms of failure
Condition Monitoring

Common Mechanisms of Failure & Preventive Methods

Why do components fail? – This article explains common failure mechanisms, component types to which each applies, and suggests non-intrusive monitoring techniques to discover components in various stages of progressive failure. 

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electric motor problems, electric motor troubleshooting
Equipment Knowledge

Electric Motor Problems

Electric motor problems. This article presents a basic explanation of electric motor construction and operation along with twelve problems that can be encountered with their use. Most electric motors in industrial equipment are three phase alternating current induction motors. Induction is the creation of an electric current across a gap. Two types of induction motors are commonly used: squirrel-cage and wound- rotor. The names come from the way they are built.

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made in usa label

The Decade of American Reshoring

The COVID-19 pandemic and recent world events have pushed manufacturing companies to shift their production to the United States in 2023, with 1,8000 companies in the US alone planning to reshore production to the states. While reshoring efforts are ramping up, manufacturers must be wary of the skills gap.

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inmapz, indoor mapping technology
Facility Maintenance

Facilities Management Technology for 2023

In 2023, speed and accuracy are driving forces in the facilities management industry, to keep costs low, track and maintain assets and mechanicals and be always compliant. To do this, you need technology that’s easy to use and affordable. Using paper-based floor plans, maps, blueprints that are usually dog eared, stained, and filed away where nobody can find them is a recipe for disaster.

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equipment hierarchy, chess pieces, pyramid, queen on top
CMMS / Tech Database

Practical Guide to Equipment Hierarchy

Equipment hierarchy is the foundation on which the technical database is built. Since the technical database is a key element in allowing efficient planning and scheduling, the equipment hierarchy is a building block of the entire work management system. Nearly every business unit from accounting to purchasing and from operations to maintenance will benefit from a well-organized and complete equipment hierarchy.

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South Carolina Ranked as the #1 State for Manufacturing

Manufacturing has been a key component to the South Carolina economy in the last 10 years and the state’s efforts to improve infrastructure and educate a highly skilled workforce are paying off. The state has been making headlines lately for its attractiveness to corporations around the world. 

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box, scanner, rfid, sku number, tag
Inventory Management

RFID: Is It the Right Solution for your Problem?

RFID allows warehouse operators to conduct more inventory transactions with the same or less labor input. This allows for improved inventory visibility and optimization. However, like everything else in life, it comes at a cost. If you’re planning to implement RFID, it should be part of a long-term vision that takes advantage of the improved inventory transparency and accompanied with a commitment to the resources necessary for its successful implementation.

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Operations & Maintenance

Allocating and Analyzing Downtime

As a part of a reliability improvement programme, many process industries assign the losses resulting from each downtime or lost production event to the department “responsible” – usually operations, mechanical or electrical (and perhaps others). Frequently this allocation is based on someone’s perception of who is to blame, which can have significant negative effects.

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