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harmonics and sidebands in soundwaves
Condition Monitoring

Harmonics and Sidebands 

In a recent article I talked about linear and nonlinear systems and how the output of these systems contain frequencies, such as harmonics and sidebands, that are not in the inputs. In this article I want to share a short video I made with my signal processing simulator that demonstrates the concepts. You will want to watch the video with the sound on.

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acility managers talking about preventive maintenance on unit heaters
Preventive Maintenance

Best Practices for Preventive Maintenance on Unit Heaters

As a facility manager, it’s important to implement strategies that help prevent surprise breakdowns from occurring. As part of those strategies, you must develop a plan that encourages preventive maintenance, not reactive maintenance. In many situations, waiting for a problem to arise will cost more money to fix than taking proactive measures to prevent it. There are various best practices that should be considered when preventive maintenance becomes a part of your overall facility maintenance strategy. As it pertains to our expertise, we will be focusing on preventive maintenance for unit heaters.

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Swiss Lathe Picture courtesy: Wauseon Machine

The Switch to Swiss: Why are Manufacturers Swapping out Traditional CNC Turning Machines for Swiss Lathes?

Manufacturing organizations are making a change from standard CNC type lathing and milling machines to newer Swiss-style lathes for the production of high-quality parts in large volumes. What are the reasons for the switch? Traditional CNC lathing and milling machines can involve four different setup processes requiring more than one crew member to run, while the more compact and faster Swiss style machines allow operators to process the entire part in one operation.

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CMMS / Tech Database

8 Tips for Getting Maintenance Technicians to Adopt CMMS Software

Driving user adoption of the CMMS is by no means an insurmountable problem, but still remains an issue that cannot be overlooked. Without technicians’ buy-in, the full benefits of the system will not be achieved. Before getting into the ways that to encourage maintenance technicians to adopt CMMS software, let’s begin with a brief overview of the issues that lead to their reluctance in the first place. 

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Planning & Scheduling

AAA Best Practices Make the Difference

The technical database is all the information needed to plan and schedule efficiently and effectively. Having the eight components of the technical database in place will allow quick determination of the what, how, how long, who, and when of a maintenance job. Application of three simple best practices will generate the most value from the technical database. Focus on developing a technical database that is accurate, accessible, and applied.

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prepare facilities for extreme weather

Preparing Facilities for Extreme Weather

Due to a particularly harsh and active hurricane season, the US Chemical Safety Board is urging chemical companies to properly prepare facilities for extreme weather as soon as possible. With increasingly frequent and damaging weather on the rise due to climate change, it is important to have a plan in place for hurricanes and other natural disasters to protect the site personnel and people living in the surrounding area from harm and danger related to compromised production facilities.

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every interaction is an opportunity
Maintenance Management

Every Interaction is an Opportunity: Maximizing Business Potential

In the course of my five-year doctoral research project to develop a leadership model for Operational Excellence, a pivotal insight emerged – ‘Every Interaction is an Opportunity.’ While the significance in the research of common leadership behaviors and traits such as communication, respect, humility, and authenticity were expected and well represented, exploiting ‘interaction as opportunity’ was new. In this context, I delve into the advantages of embracing this opportunity and how its application has empowered me to drive business success.

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Facility Maintenance

3 Things You Should Not Be Doing As A Facility Manager

In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world, the role of facility managers is rapidly evolving, becoming more strategic and encompassing a broader scope of responsibilities. Gone are the days of simply managing work orders and third-party vendors. Nowadays, facility managers are tasked with streamlining workflows to ensure uninterrupted operations and leveraging the right tools for overall operational effectiveness.

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Design for Reliability: Facility Upgrades

This year we are seeing big changes in industrial manufacturing due to new advances in technology and automation, and we are all trying to keep up. Many companies are investing in large-scale facility upgrades to incorporate these new technologies and keep up with demand. From their experiences, we are learning about benefits, challenges, and effects on processes that facility upgrades can bring. A focus on designing for reliability will be essential in planning these upgrades. 

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