ControlLogix Troubleshooting Training

ControlLogix Troubleshooting and Maintenance

With Studio 5000 Designer Software


Online training specially designed for Maintenance Personnel responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting a ControlLogix system in your plant.

online troubleshooting course

If you have a ControlLogix System in your plant this training is ideal for your maintenance personnel

In 10 modules you’ll learn the most critical and fundamental ControlLogix skills that every maintenance technician needs to know.


  • More efficient and effective troubleshooting
  • Increased business competitiveness
  • Improve technician skills and SAFETY
  • Cost savings

This is the most complete and comprehensive online training program for understanding and troubleshooting of a ControlLogix system, a series that provides practical instructional material and real-life assessments.


Comprehensive Training - from anywhere

With content designed for maintenance personnel to better understand and troubleshoot a ControlLogix systems, this full and complete comprehensive training series includes:

  • 17,000 graphics, HD Studio 5000 software visuals and multi-media
  • A downloadable handbook for each module
  • Over 1,000 review and final exam questions with ARM™ (Automatic Reinforcement Mode)

A technician would have to take a 10-day in-class training course to receive comparable amount of information. Plus with ours…

  • Employees can do their training anytime, anywhere.
  • And they can review the program again anytime.

Whether you're trying to...

this online training is the solution to your ControlLogix maintenance needs! $1290/person

ControlLogix Troubleshooting Training

Why it's Critical Training for your Team

Proper Training

Most personnel working with and around ControlLogix lack proper training and don’t fully understand the CLX structure, making it harder to troubleshoot the system


Lack of training and insufficient understanding of the associated Studio 5000 (CLX) Software makes it challenging to use it properly to troubleshoot.

Why it Will Work for Your Organization

Complete and Comprehensive

Easy to implement

and no additional work for management

Improves Safety & Knowledge


There's no waiting for a class, get trained and start improving your troubleshooting skills

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