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helping you do what you do even better


Here you’ll find helpful free reliability and maintenance resources, articles, and videos to help you run your plant well. You can see some of our most popular posts below. 

knowledge transfer

How to Avoid Losing Retiring Employees’ Business Experience

The last of the ‘baby boomer’ generation are now retiring from the workplace. As they walk out of the door of your business for the last time, they are taking with them a lifetime’s experience from old-school apprenticeship programmes to a lifetime of fault diagnosis and learning in the ‘university of life.’ That experience is what helped your business grow, become successful, and kept your customers happy and returning with repeat orders! So, what can be achieved in the time before valued employees retire for knowledge capture and knowledge transfer so your business can maintain momentum?

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What is Plant Maintenance?

What you are doing vs. what you should be doing can often be different things. If you think that your efforts are only to increase uptime (or decrease downtime) then you are not seeing the entire picture. Yes, uptime and maintenance budgets are important, as are the needs of the Operations teams, but in the end, it’s the association your efforts have with the corporate goals that should be the driver.

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Charging Up: The Resurgence of Battery Manufacturing in the US

The surge in battery manufacturing in the US, fueled by a significant investment of up to $3.5 billion from the Infrastructure Law, marks a pivotal step towards achieving a net-zero emissions economy by 2050 and a notable shift towards electric vehicles. The funds are set for upgrading facilities, creating well-paid union jobs, and establishing a robust domestic supply chain. What new technology is being applied? How do we keep manufacturing personnel safe in these facilities?

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easy convention navigation is important for convention center

A Better Convention Navigation Experience

Have you heard of an automated kiosk? You won’t be late to any session, there will be no frustrations with seeking directions, and no getting lost in large facilities. You are in control. Your customer just had a great convention navigation experience.

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Find the Hidden Value of the Technical Database

The first way an improved technical database adds value is by increasing the productivity of the maintenance crews. Another value of an improved technical database is that planners can be more efficient. Downtime can also be reduced with an improved technical database. Apply best practices of the technical database to improve your organization.

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manufacturing apprenticeship

The Benefits of Participating in Manufacturing Apprenticeships

Manufacturing apprenticeships offer substantial benefits for individuals and employers and are experiencing a resurgence in popularity after being underutilized for many years. The reluctance towards apprenticeships is now being addressed through educational and nonprofit initiatives worldwide. The current landscape of manufacturing apprenticeship programs reflects a hopeful shift towards recognizing and leveraging the value of these initiatives for building a resilient and skilled workforce

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Maintenance world YouTube Channel

Articles are great, but videos are also helpful. Our YouTube Channel is regularly updated with short topical videos. These videos are another way to offer free reliability and maintenance resources, designed to help you take steps to improve.

Free Reliability and Maintenance Downloads

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Reliability and Maintenance Book Resources

IDCON’s Reliability and Maintenance and Books are a unique collection focused on practical hands-on tips and techniques. These books have been developed by consultants who have spent their life in the industry.  

There are 9 books in the collection:

  • Condition Monitoring Standards Books (Vol. I, II III and IV)
  • Preventive Maintenance Essential Care and Condition Monitoring Manual
  • Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
  • Results Oriented Reliability and Maintenance Management
  • Reliability-Focused Spare Parts and Materials Management
  • Knocking Bolts


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