Happy World Facilities Management Day!

Elizabeth Ruiz

Posted 5/8/2024

Held on May 8th and organized each year by Global FM, World Facilities Management Day exists to recognize and celebrate the work of FM professionals who keep our workplaces, schools, hospitals, plants, mills, and other facilities safer, healthier, and more effective behind the scenes. 

What is facilities management? Nivedha Sridhar of Facilio describes it like this:

“Facility management (FM) entails tools and services that ensure the sustainability, safety, and efficiency of built environments like grounds, real estate, infrastructure, and buildings. As an organizational function, FM integrates people, processes, and places to boost core business productivity and peoples’ quality of life.

Facilities management is important to your organization’s bottom line. It can help drive strategic facility planning, handle day-to-day operations, improve health, safety, and building security, and keeping your facility fully compliant.

Read here for more information about facilities management.

This week, attend events, webinars, workshops, and get a chance to network with other FM professionals all over the world.

See the event calendar here

For more information from Global FM, watch this video from John Carillo, CFM, Chairman of Global FM:

These comments from industry leaders regarding World FM Day highlight the importance of recognizing FM professionals:

“May 8 marks World Facilities Management Day, an annual occasion to recognize the vital role that facility managers play in the success of businesses and industries worldwide. Facility managers are responsible for maintaining an organization’s most valuable physical assets, from buildings and equipment to technology and infrastructure. Without their tireless efforts behind the scenes, buildings could crumble, equipment could fail, employees could face workplace risks, and customers may not receive the goods and service they need.

As the business world continues to evolve, the demand for skilled, agile facility managers has only grown. Facility managers must now contend with new priorities like employee wellbeing, automation, sustainability, and remote work models. They must optimize building operations, ensure physical and cyber security, and reduce environmental impact – all while staying within tight budgets and meeting the needs of increasingly discerning customers.

Facilities management is truly one of the most critical and challenging roles in any organization. Implementing technologies like Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) can bring about a holistic transformation. It makes maintenance work much easier by simplifying and automating all maintenance processes: digitizing maintenance workflows, streamlining work order and asset management, tracking spare parts inventory, etc. With technologies like CMMS, facilities managers can better prioritize tasks, optimize resource allocation, and demonstrate the immense value they bring to an organization.

This World Facilities Management Day provides an opportunity to shine a light on these unsung heroes and celebrate their incredible contributions to the success of businesses worldwide.”

Bryan Christiansen, Founder and CEO at Limble

“We celebrate World FM Day (WFMD) on May 8, 2024 and encourage all of our colleagues, client organizations, and suppliers/vendors associated with the FM industry to recognize the critical work that FM Professionals contribute to the Built Environment. WFMD is the opportunity to recognize the behind-the-scenes heroes that keep our workplace safe and productive, while providing for a healthy environment. We also acknowledge the opportunities that FM provides for careers and ongoing professional FM Development. Please join Global FM to inspire, integrate and innovate!”

John Carillo, CFM, IFMA Fellow, Chairman, Global FM

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