3 Things You Should Not Be Doing As A Facility Manager

3 Things You Should Not Be Doing As A Facility Manager

Nivedha Sridhar, Director of Marketing, Facilio

Posted on 9/7/2023

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In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world, the role of facility managers is rapidly evolving, becoming more strategic and encompassing a broader scope of responsibilities. Gone are the days of simply managing work orders and third-party vendors. Nowadays, facility managers are tasked with streamlining workflows to ensure uninterrupted operations and leveraging the right tools for overall operational effectiveness. However, a few standard practices can hinder you from embracing this evolution and realizing your potential as a value provider. In this article, we will explore three crucial practices that you should steer clear of today as a facility manager.

Living in chaos with multiple platforms:

Facility managers rely on multiple-point solutions to manage their data, resulting in scattered information across emails, excel sheets, and other disparate systems. This fragmented approach can lead to confusion, errors, and a chaotic work environment. Losing track of important facility information, such as maintenance schedules, work orders, and equipment details, when stored in different places will impede your ability to make data-driven decisions. This will eventually lead to increased downtime, equipment failures, and potential safety hazards.

Adopting a unified platform can centralize your data by having all relevant information available in one place without the hassle of switching between different tools. This will improve overall efficiency, increase cost savings, optimize resources, and give you a clear overview of what’s happening with your facilities.

Losing control of your CMMS as a Facility Manager: 

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Facility managers often encounter situations where they have to configure workflows within their CMMS. While it may seem easier to ask for help from IT or a service provider, doing this can lead to a loss of control over your own processes, decreased autonomy, and reduced productivity. As a facility manager, you possess an in-depth understanding of your facility’s specific needs, making you the most qualified person to configure workflows efficiently and effectively. Relying on external assistance for managing your workflows can lead to delays in implementing changes, errors, and inefficiencies.

To take charge of your CMMS, all you need to do is utilize a no-code tool that empowers you to configure workflows intuitively and efficiently without having to know how to code. Taking ownership of your CMMS allows you to make quick adjustments, add new features, or modify existing workflows to facilitate seamless maintenance operations. Remember, your CMMS should be a system of action that simplifies your work and makes your life easier, not one that adds complexity and requires constant IT intervention.

Firefighting instead of future-proofing:

Unfortunately, many facility managers are trying to solve their O&M problems after they have occurred rather than implementing proactive maintenance strategies. If you find yourself constantly reacting to asset failures instead of preventing them, it’s a sign that your CMMS might not be fulfilling its potential. Reactive maintenance for your facilities is not only stressful and time-consuming, but it also often leads to increased asset downtime, higher repair costs, and compromised operational efficiency. 

Your CMMS should be giving you real-time insights and predictive analytics to identify trends and help you chart out a proactive action plan. Adopting a proactive approach can steer your facility towards long-term goals, anticipate and mitigate risks, and enable you to make data-driven decisions to stay ahead in the modern operations era.

To excel as a facility manager in today’s evolving landscape requires embracing practices that enable you to provide strategic value to your organization. When you leverage the right technology and harness the true potential of your CMMS, you can easily break free from the tactical & mundane, and unlock your full potential as a facility manager.


Nivedha Sridhar 

Nivedha Sridhar is the Director of Marketing and a founding team member at Facilio Inc., an enterprise-wide facilities O&M software platform provider headquartered in New York. Nivedha’s career spans over 8 years of product, growth, and corporate marketing focused on enterprise IoT software and business cloud applications. Before starting with Facilio in 2017, she managed Global Marketing for an enterprise brand at Zoho Corporation.

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