Innovative Thinking + Standards = Ubiquity

Innovative Thinking + Standards = Ubiquity

John Q. Todd, Sr. Business Consultant/Product Researcher, Total Resource Management (TRM), Inc. 

Posted on 9/28/23

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Innovative Thinking, Using Standards, Creates Ubiquity

Although ubiquity may not be the most exciting concept, it is the goal. It means that your product is reliable, high quality, and valuable – which keeps your clients coming back. You want your product to be the go-to. Being commonplace doesn’t sound great, but it’s right where you want to be.

So how do we achieve ubiquity?

innovative thinking

Innovative Thinking + Standards

Innovative thinking does everything from putting cool products on the shelves to solving tricky business problems in unexpected ways. It is creative and exciting, and everybody loves it.

Meeting standards, on the other hand, puts us right back in the box. Formulas, procedures, rules, and requirements – not the fun stuff. Meeting standards means staying inside the lines instead of going above and beyond. It is restrictive and boring, and everybody hates it.

Even though we may feel differently about the two, applied correctly, they both have their place in creating success.

Find out how to combine these concepts in the full article

People are the source of innovation. Processes are your way of doing business. The Programs you have in place foster the ubiquity of your output. Pay attention to your People, Processes, and Programs. You will quickly have an organization that improves on its own.

TRM and IDCON have been working with clients across industries for many years, to consider each of these elements and foster changes where needed. Reach out and let’s see where we might be able to help from pure consulting to software implementation.

Reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions or would like to discuss deploying MAS 8, Maximo AAM, or Asset Care Essentials (ACE) for condition-based maintenance/monitoring.


John Q. Todd

John Q. Todd has nearly 30 years of business and technical experience in the Project Management, Process development/improvement, Quality/ISO/CMMI Management, Technical Training, Reliability Engineering, Maintenance, Application development, Risk Management, & Enterprise Asset Management fields. His experience includes work as a Reliability Engineer & RCM implementer for NASA/JPL Deep Space Network, as well as numerous customer projects and consulting activities as a reliability and spares analysis expert. He is a Sr. Business Consultant and Product Researcher with Total Resource Management, an an IBM Gold Business Partner – focused on the market-leading EAM solution, Maximo, specializes in improving asset and operational performance by delivering strategic consulting services with world class functional and technical expertise.

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