Are People Your Most Valuable Resource?

Are People Your Most Valuable Resource?

Christer Idhammar, IDCON INC

“People are our most valuable resource” is most probably the correct political statement to make, but is this true? I do not think it is not true and in this article I will explain why I think so.

In his book “Good to great” Jim Collins talks about having the right people on the bus before you start a journey towards excellence. Those of you who have read his book will recognize some of my reasoning here.

During the last five months I have asked front line leaders in maintenance organizations all over the world including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Sweden and United Kingdom, the following question. “How many of the people reporting to you could you send home to never come back without seeing a difference in your team’s performance?” The answer is between 10 and 30%! And comments like “It would be a great relief and a morale and performance booster if I could do that” are common.   Continue reading →

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