Why Many Maintenance Improvement Initiatives Fail to Deliver Expected Results I. – Hedgehog or Fox?

by Christer Idhammar
Posted 5/24/2004

It is not uncommon that many reliability and maintenance improvement initiatives fail to deliver expected results. Why is it so?

Some of the most common causes I have observed include:

  • Lack of top management understanding, directive and long term support.
  • Initiatives are shortsighted and too cost focused instead of long term and reliability focused.
  • Politics and disjointed organizational goals and objectives.
  • Mobility of management.
  • Confusing the organization with new names on well known concepts.
  • Failing to understand that the reliability and maintenance improvement initiative is a process without an end, not a program with an end.
  • It is a process driven by disciplined thoughts and actions by people.
  • Technology is secondary to behavior and will be very successfully applied when an organization is ready. Continue reading →