Reliability Engineer Full Time

Reliability Engineer Full Time

  • Full Time
  • Location: Charlotte, NC

About the company

INOLEX is looking for a Full Time Reliability Engineer for their Charlotte, NC location.

The Reliability Engineer will report to the Engineering Manager, VP of Operations, or anyone of like status. The Reliability Engineer will maintain reliability and safe manufacturing systems while improving production rates, efficiencies, yields, costs and changeovers.

The Reliability Engineer is responsible for and supervises the maintenance, care, and efficient operation of all equipment and Reliability used by the organization with the help of the Maintenance Department.

The Reliability Engineer will identify, develop, and implement improvements to constantly improve site safety, process capability and production volume while maintaining and improving quality standards.


Guide, troubleshoot, and project manage with the Maintenance Supervisor/Manager to assist the Maintenance Department team members in evaluating and problem solving their projects. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Help to recruit, interview, hire, and train new maintenance staff.
  • Work with Maintenance Supervisor/Manager on overseeing daily workflow, scheduling, and assignments of the equipment and Reliability department.
  • Assist with designing training programs for new and current employees for new and ongoing projects to improve effectiveness and consistency of staff.
  • Ensure that the facility is fully operational with all utilities functioning properly
  • Drive prioritization of scheduled maintenance repair work and capital products; assisting with checking installation and servicing building and production equipment
  • Ensure compliance with state and federal regulations, and assist with energy management
  • Maintain ongoing communication with contractors, clients, and team
  • Provide support to the maintenance and engineering departments.
  • Analyze and trend data to support Operation Equipment Efficiency (OEE) initiative and continuous improvement programs.
  • Verify and tests assigned metrics on projects.
  • Identify potential areas of process improvements; recommends and assists with development of appropriate solutions.
  • Ensure compliance with applicable company and client quality requirements in all assigned programs, functions, products, and areas.
  • Identifies and reports problems with specific processes or products to the respective teams.
  • Assist process engineers and maintenance in the development of new methods to improve product quality and process efficiency.
  • Collaborate with engineering, maintenance, or any respective team to create a strategic action plan and cost estimates of materials, time, labor, and other resources required to complete the project.
  • Facilitate team meetings to the development of production improvement plans based on OEE analysis.
  • Assess the competence, capabilities, resources, and financial status of vendors.
  • Oversee progress of their assigned projects.
  • Compare the actual cost of development project to estimates.
  • Collaborates with the appropriate team to evaluate and change plans if problems arise.
  • Analyze equipment, systems, and processes to identify modifications to improve efficiency, increase quality, and reduce costs.
  • Prepare periodic progress and cost reports for leadership and production.
  • Ensure compliance with codes, guidelines, best practices, and policies.
  • Collaborate with the operations and maintenance departments to identify and troubleshoot problems.
  • Collaborate with project engineers from other plants to share problems and solutions.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.


Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical, Mechanical, or Industrial Engineering strongly preferred
  • 3 5 years’ experience as an Electrical, Mechanical, or Industrial Engineer preferably in production/process area of specialty chemical products
  • Experience with large scale organic synthesis including:
    • Esterification/Transesterification/Polyesterification
    • Amidation/Transamidation
    • Quaternization/Betaineization
  • Post-Reaction Processes including:
    • Adsorption
    • Neutralization
    • Washing
    • Distillation
    • Steam Stripping (Deodorization)
    • Filtration
  • Experience in Rockwell Automation or other appropriate PLC experience.
  • Internship in related field highly desired.
  • Experience using databases such as FoxPro or Oracle highly desired.
  • Experience with batch processing
  • Experience with continuous improvement
  • Experience in Process Safety Management (PSM)

Physical Requirements:

  • Located partially in an office and partially in a chemical plant, maintenance, shipping, or laboratory environment.
  • Prolonged periods of sitting at a desk and working on a computer.
  • Must be able to lift up to 55 pounds; squatting and kneeling.

Open positions:

Apply for the open Full Time Reliability Engineer position here.
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