Facilities Manager

Facilities Manager

  • BP Aero
  • full time
  • Location: Irving, Texas

About the company

BP Aero is an Aviation and Aerospace Component Manufacturing group based in Irving, Texas and made up by three companies, BP Aero Engine Services, BP Aero Services, and BP Aerospace. It is a full-service aviation solutions provider that performs engine teardowns, engine part overhaul, engine hospital shop repairs, and field service.

Job Description:

The Equipment and Facilities Manager is responsible for and supervises the maintenance, care, and efficient operation of all equipment and facilities used by the organization and will report to the President. Your skills in managing facilities which consist of four separate buildings with a combined total of 200,000 sq feet. While directing facilities functions and supervising facilities Maintenance Technicians direct reports, you will assist our organization in creating integrated spaces, minimizing disruptions to overall business operations, improving working conditions, and creating a safe and comfortable environment for both staff and clients.


  • Oversees the daily workflow, scheduling, and assignments of the equipment and facilities department.
  • Identify subcontract vendors for projects, coordinate scheduling of the project and manage project to have minimal disruption to BP Aero’s daily operations.
  • Hosts third party organizations when visits are required for facility and/or equipment inspection.
  • Conducts performance evaluations that are timely and constructive.
  • Inspects and performs maintenance on assigned equipment and facilities.
  • Understand technical aspects of the properties.
  • Ensures assigned facilities and equipment are ready for regular business and special events.
  • Maintains files of warranties, records, licenses, inspections, service agreements, and contracts for various pieces of equipment.
  • Maintains the inventory, storage, and distribution of equipment.
  • Provides recommendations for purchases of new equipment.
  • Develops and implements schedules and procedures for safety inspections, ongoing maintenance, and preventative maintenance programs.
  • Collaborates with other appropriate management staff to prepare and implement budget.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.
  • Schedule 8:00am to 5:00pm, M-F.
  • This is an on-site position
  • Remote is not an option. May occasionally be needed to work beyond a Monday-Friday shift, depending on project deadlines.


  • Basic understanding of or ability to quickly learn the equipment and facilities to be maintained.
  • Ability to maintain basic records and warranties.
  • Working knowledge of national and local fire, building, plumbing and electrical codes.
  • Good planning, organizational, leadership, interpersonal, analytical, decision making, oral and written communication skills.
  • Ability to read, understand and interpret blueprints
  • Working knowledge of PC’s in a Microsoft environment (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
  • Qualified tradesperson in a related discipline and several years of building maintenance experience; or equivalent.
  • Ability to understand written directions in manuals and on manufacturer websites.
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite or related software as required to complete and maintain records.
  • Associate degree required; Bachelor’s degree preferred.
  • Degree in civil engineering or related field a plus.
  • 3+ years in facilities management.
  • Experience managing FAA 145 or similar facilities, equipment, and events preferred.

Open positions:

Apply for the Facilities Manager position here. See BP Aero's website for a complete listing of available positions.
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