Preventive Maintenance

acility managers talking about preventive maintenance on unit heaters

Best Practices for Preventive Maintenance on Unit Heaters

As a facility manager, it’s important to implement strategies that help prevent surprise breakdowns from occurring. As part of those strategies, you must develop a plan that encourages preventive maintenance, not reactive maintenance. In many situations, waiting for a problem to arise will cost more money to fix than taking proactive measures to prevent it. There are various best practices that should be considered when preventive maintenance becomes a part of your overall facility maintenance strategy. As it pertains to our expertise, we will be focusing on preventive maintenance for unit heaters.

You Want to See Through Walls?

In most buildings, critical pipes carrying water and natural gas; cables carrying data and electricity; ventilation pipes carrying cool or warm air, are all typically hidden behind walls, out of sight. The facilities team needs to see them. They need to know where everything is and what each pipe connects to so that they can always maintain and ensure the proper functioning of these conduits. So how does one see through walls?

Data analytics help with predictive maintenance in industrial manufacturing

Embracing the Power of Predictive Maintenance in Industrial Manufacturing

In the dynamic realm of industrial manufacturing, the adoption of predictive maintenance has brought about a remarkable paradigm shift. By harnessing the potential of data analytics and machine learning, industrial enterprises can now proactively anticipate and address equipment downtime, unlocking a multitude of benefits. This article delves into the future of predictive maintenance, exploring cutting-edge technologies and trends that are reshaping the industry landscape and empowering manufacturers to achieve operational excellence.

maintenance team going over comprehensive maintenance strategy

The 5 Pillars of A Comprehensive Maintenance Strategy

In every industry, particularly manufacturing, businesses depend on a diverse array of physical assets to meet customer expectations. Certain assets, while not necessarily the most expensive, are fundamental to the production of goods or services, underlining their significance in operational processes. The disruption of these pivotal assets can trigger a domino effect, disrupting the entire supply chain and potentially halting operations. Therefore, it is imperative for businesses to implement comprehensive maintenance management strategies for these key assets.

RCM for Medium Sized and Lean Organizations

RCM may have been thought of as a strategy best left to large organizations. That may have been a perfectly logical assumption. Small-to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and lean operations simply seem to have less money to invest in and fewer resources to cope with the many activities required for RCM success. Now, however, out of joint academic/industry collaboration in Spain, comes information that may help begin to put these types of popular misconceptions to rest. The RCM methodology described in this overview of the Spanish research has been adapted to meet the specific needs of today’s smaller, leaner organizations. And it is not just a theory, either. The practicality of this approach is being confirmed through actual testing in SME and/or lean companies.

Effective Predictive and Pro-Active Maintenance of Pumps

Effective Predictive and Pro-Active Maintenance of Pumps John Piotrowski Maintenance of Pumps Keeping pumps operating successfully for long periods of time requires careful pump design selection, proper installation, careful operation, the ability to observe changes in performance over time, and in the event of a failure, the capacity to thoroughly investigate the cause of the …

Effective Predictive and Pro-Active Maintenance of Pumps Read More »

motor brushes, carbon brushes

DC Motor Brush Holder and the Performance of Carbon Brushes

A DC Motor carbon brush is an electrical contact which makes a connection with a moving surface. Optimal performance on motors, generators and other types of moving contact applications will be attained only when the carbon brush, the brushholder and the contact surface are properly designed and maintained. All three components are critical factors in a complex electro-mechanical system.

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