Equipment Inspections: Who is Doing Them?

Who’s Doing Equipment Inspections?

Michael Lippig, IDCON INC.

Preventive Maintenance Strategy

Equipment inspections are key to keeping your production running but many plants don’t tap into all the resources available. IDCON Reliability and Maintenance Management Consultant, Michael Lippig has a simple decision chart that will help you decide what tasks can be done by what roles.

Should the Operator, Area Maintenance Technician, In-house Maintenance, or an Outside Specialist perform the equipment inspection? We need to ask ourselves who is the practical choice? For example, an operator shouldn’t leave the operating area to inspect a roof fan. Do they know how to do the inspection? If not, how long would it take to train the person to do the equipment inspection? How each of these questions is answered for each person will determine who should do the task.

Watch this video for more detailed examples of how to use a simple decision chart to help you decide who in your organization (or outside of your organization) is the right person to complete the equipment inspection.

Michael Lippig

Michael Lippig is a Senior Reliability and Maintenance Management Consultant with IDCON Inc. He is responsible for the design, development and implementation of systems, procedures, training and project management for IDCON reliability projects. Experience includes over 50 projects in 12 different countries in oil and gas exploration and refining, pharmaceutical, primary metals, pulp and paper, food, manufacturing, power generation, lumber and wood products, sanitation, chemicals, injection molding and extrusion, metal recycling and others.

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