Smartphone Apps for Maintenance

by Michael Lippig, Senior Consultant

Maintenance apps for your phone
Some of my favorite apps for maintenance teams

Nowadays most everyone has a powerful computer in their pocket, their phone.  Many of us are using them in maintaining our plants.

Whether you are neutral or a devotee of the I-phone or Android devices, I think it’s safe to say we have only just scratched the surface of possibilities for using our smartphones in for maintaining our plants. Just think about how good it is to always have a great camera in your pocket with pictures viewable instantly. Does anybody remember the hassle of film? Waiting days to find out if an image was captured and how well it looked.

Digital has increased our ability to communicate any plant condition, acute or not, very quickly and efficiently to groups or individual who needs to know and act.

Rating Maintenance Management apps for smartphones

The camera is my benchmark for a great app and is by far the heaviest used app for me. However, I have some other frequently used Apps I like to use for maintenance. Here are some of my favorites I like to use for when I’m out in the plant doing a maintenance and reliability assessment or building condition monitoring routes:

Ratings of maintenance apps

I would love your input on your favorite App/Widget for maintenance you use on your smartphone.

Michael Lippig is a Senior Reliability and Maintenance Management Consultant with IDCON, Inc. He is responsible for the design, development and implementation of systems, procedures, training and project management for IDCON reliability projects. Experience includes over 50 projects in 12 different countries in oil and gas exploration and refining, pharmaceutical, primary metals, pulp and paper, food, manufacturing, power generation, lumber and wood products, sanitation, chemicals, injection molding and extrusion, metal recycling and others.