What is the difference between a failure and breakdown?

by Torbjorn Idhammar

Transcribed from the video “What is the difference between a Failure and Breakdown?”

…of course when we talk about a breakdown or failure, you need to have definitions of what the different things are called.  So we call a failure, maybe a little bit different than yours, we call it failure is when the equipment condition reaches an unacceptable level. Too high of a temperature. Too high of a vibration.  Too small of a flow.  Whatever it may be, when it reaches an unacceptable level, it’s still operating or could be operating. That failure would then develop into breakdown. Breakdown means that it’s going to stop functioning. So it’s a time period from when you have a failure to a breakdown. And what you want to do in your inspections, of course, is do an inspection somewhere here so I can find the failure and once I find the failure I can plan and schedule to do the corrective action before I have a breakdown.