What are Current Best Practices (CBPs)?

What are Current Best Practices (CBPs)?


So I think we need to say how good are we; how good can we be? One thing, for the people that are here that don’t know us, we have something called best practices and I’m going to show you that.  What we have done in our company, and you can do this by yourself, and it could be in a bit of a tough one but you can use this format…feel free. You sit down and say…what are the right things to do and do we know how to do them?  You cannot get involved in how to do it but just say what are the right things to do?  So, we have divided out nine key processes: leadership and organization, root cause, planning and scheduling, skills development, we call it skills development. It’s not just craftspeople here we also have management…of course. Preventive maintenance including operator basic care, stores management, technical database, engineering interface with maintenance because it is very important how we purchase and buy equipment as you know, facilities tools and workshops.

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