Maintenance Planning and Scheduling – The New Profit Center

by Chris Hykin, Advantage Team leader, International Paper
Posted 5/17/2004

Introduction of “Maintenance Planning and Scheduling – The New Profit Center”- As an industry, we are facing vastly different circumstances than we ever have before. New low-cost producers and an ever-shrinking world market have left the old, dominant mills fighting for survival. No stone is being left unturned in the search for improvements that will allow a mill to stay economically viable in these difficult times.

One area of increasing focus is the maintaining of our facilities. In the past, the maintenance department was viewed as a “necessary evil.” They were the high priced wrench turners who sat in the shop and waited for equipment to fail. In more recent history we are finding ways to prevent our failures before they occur. Tools such as vibration analysis, infrared imaging, acoustic testing, and preventive maintenance help us maximize profits by minimizing downtime. Continue reading →