IDCON – Industry Insight with Christer Idhammar


REM recently caught up with Christer Idhammar, founder and executive vice-president of IDCON INC, and asked him to share his perspective on World Class maintenance.

IDCON INC’s approach

IDCON INC, a reliability consulting firm, uses an assessment model that calibrates about 250 elements on a scale from one to 100 to benchmark efficiency. Using this model, a plant might be considered to be World Class when it reaches 75 points, provided that its processes are sustainable, said Idhammar.

Reaching the pinnacle is easier said than done. Only one in 300 plants might reach World Class, said Idhammar, who has witnessed only a couple of plants — one in New Zealand and one in Ontario — that have met the criteria in the past. However, these plants may no longer meet the World Class standards.

Idhammar says that there are three major elements needed to realize value: leadership, well-defined processes and skilled people, and technology. These elements work in tandem to help lower costs. Also view another take on plant performance in Christer Idhammar’s discussion: “Can Your Mill Produce the Right Results?” 




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