Data Analysis Tip 2 – Create a Vibration Test and Analysis Guide

Data Analysis Tip 2 – Create a Vibration Test and Analysis Guide

Tip #2: Create a Vibration Test and Analysis Guide

A vibration test and vibration analysis guide is a simple book or electronic document that contains a variety of information about the machine. Information should include: A simple schematic of the machine with test points identified, instructions for testing the machine (especially if loads and speeds must be manipulated or verified), name plate information and a simple schematic of internal components. This information is invaluable for conducting a proper diagnosis of the machine.

Access to testing instructions may lead the analyst to recognize bad data caused by improper test conditions. Test location information allows the analyst to determine what graphs to consult when looking for particular faults. A simple internal schematic of the machine is invaluable as one wouldn’t want to diagnose ball bearing wear in a machine with only sleeve bearings! (Believe me, it happens!) Additionally, faults present themselves differently depending on how the machine is configured. A common example is that unbalance in a fan with a supported rotor looks different than unbalance in a fan with an unsupported rotor. It is essential to have this information visually in front of you when conducting data analysis.

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