Novozyme Leverages Results Oriented Maintenance and Highly Motivated Staff to Win the North American Maintenance Excellence (NAME) Award 2000

by Michael Lippig

Novozymes North America, Franklinton, North Carolina, a company with Scandinavian roots and management style won the coveted North American Maintenance Excellence Award (NAME) 2000. A reporter (Michael Lippig) recently paid Owe Forsberg, Maintenance Manager, Novozymes North America, a visit to see how this came about.

How it Started

Novozymes did not actively pursue benchmarking in the past. “For a long time our organization was introspective. We thought we had everything we needed in house and that we could do it all ourselves” continues Mr. Forsberg. “In 1999, we set a goal to benchmark ourselves against other industries, to get an outside perspective.” It was in this context that the organization decided to apply for the name award.

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