Heating Solutions: Avoid Heating Concerns with Preventative Maintenance

Prepare Now, Heat Later: Avoid Heating Concerns with Preventative Maintenance

Jamie Tuinstra
Posted 05/23/2023

When temperatures drop and winter weather hits, having the right heating solution is key for both businesses and homeowners. But no one wants to start their HVAC unit only to realize it’s not providing hot air or has completely malfunctioned. That’s why it’s important to have a plan in place that prioritizes preventative maintenance.

While winter may still be several months away, spring and summer are optimal times to revisit your current HVAC system, make sure it’s prepped and ready, or consider upgrading to a new system. This will help guarantee you are ready for the cold season.

General Maintenance Tips

General maintenance is the key to ensuring your heating solution is operating at peak levels. Having a certified professional inspect your unit will help identify any underlying issues.

A few measures that a professional may take when servicing your unit include inspecting the heat exchanger for cracks or rusting, cleaning the burners on the heating unit, checking the vent pipe for any rusting or blockages, cleaning the fan motors, and checking the water traps and condensate lines on high-efficiency units.

In addition, it’s important to check for other common issues with heating solutions. For example, one of the most common issues that receives the most service calls is the flame sensor. The safety feature tells the control board if the flame is on inside the unit. With continuous use, the sensor can get dirty and trigger false readings. Consider asking the contractor to clean it while performing regular maintenance.

For commercial or homeowners looking to take a few measures themselves, there is one major step you can take to better protect your heating solution and improve efficiency. That step is keeping objects a safe distance away from the heating unit for maintenance and safety reasons. It is important to check your installation and service manuals to ensure all clearances to combustibles are followed.

Upgrading Your Heating Solutions

When preventative maintenance isn’t enough, making the decision to upgrade or choosing an alternative solution can be beneficial. Facility-wide HVAC units have their pros, but unit heaters showcase an option that reduces your footprint while providing a permanent heating solution. Whether you are a homeowner looking to extend your living space or a commercial facility wanting targeted heating for a specific area, unit heaters are an optimal choice.

For residential customers, garage unit heaters, such as the Hot Dawg® Power-Vented Gas-Fired Unit Heater, are ideal. These heaters free up workspace by allowing for versatile installation. These units operate on natural and propane gas, but there are also hydronic options available for homeowners with a boiler. These units also include two mounting brackets with vibration isolators that reduce noise and vibration.

For commercial customers, unit heaters, such as the Effinity™ Commercial Gas-Fired Unit Heater and the Lodronic™ Low-Temperature Hydronic Heater, are available. Unit heaters can provide commercial spaces with a highly efficient solution that will dramatically lower energy costs and C02 emissions. Regarding the Effinity™, its efficiency is a result of the coupling of a secondary heat exchanger technology with a robust tubular primary heat exchanger design. It operates at up to 97% thermal efficiency.

In spaces that use high-efficiency boilers, the Lodronic™ Low-Temperature Hydronic Heater is a solution that is designed specifically for use with high-efficiency boilers. With the ability to reduce electric use by 50%, the Lodronic™ has a 35% higher discharge temperature and 2.5 times quieter operation. These types of unit heaters are ideal for commercial applications such as warehouses, industrial buildings, mechanical rooms, manufacturing plants, entryways and much more.

Being Prepared for Winter

No one wants to be surprised with insufficient heat when cold weather strikes. Preventative maintenance is the key to solving that problem. Whether it’s signing a maintenance agreement to have a contractor service your unit regularly or having a trained, certified professional on staff, keeping your unit clean and tuned up is the key to having an operational unit. In addition, when looking for alternative heating options, consider a unit heater for your residential or commercial building. With options aplenty, there is a unit heater solution for any situation.

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Jamie Tuinstra

Jamie Tuinstra is a product manager at Modine Manufacturing. He has been in the heating and cooling industry for 25 years and with Modine for 16. At Modine, we are engineering a cleaner, healthier world.  Building on more than 100 years of excellence in thermal management, we provide trusted systems and solutions that improve air quality and conserve natural resources.  More than 11,000 employees are at work in every corner of the globe, delivering the solutions our customers need, where they need them.  Our Climate Solutions and Performance Technologies segments support our purpose by improving air quality, reducing energy and water consumption, lowering harmful emissions and enabling cleaner running vehicles and environmentally-friendly refrigerants.  Modine is a global company headquartered in Racine, Wisconsin (USA), with operations in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. For more information about Modine, visit www.modine.com.

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Natalie Johnson

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