Preventive Maintenance – Visible Change

by Tor Idhammar

Something that worked well for us is if you make a visual change in the project one thing is we talk about planning and scheduling in a reliability of projects. We talk about preventive maintenance and reliability projects. What could easily happen is that you start documenting inspection routes and somebody sits in a corner documenting inspection routes right? We tried to work on our planning and scheduling…it may not be very visual on the floor. So, sometimes it could be a good idea just to make sure it’s okay…let’s pick our top five or top 10 piece of equipment and let’s fix them up. And that’s probably going to start up in in one plant right now that we’re going to do it he said we could pick the top 10 pieces of equipment and what we’re going to do with those top 10 pieces is that we’re going to set up a really good PM…