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The Industrial Internet: Disruptive, Innovation, Readiness

If you search the Internet for information on asset management, the Internet and Industrial Internet of Things, digitalization, business trends and business reengineering, you’ll find a considerable increase in the number of articles with headlines heralding or promising significant and “disruption” or “disruptive” change. It’s wiser to focus on how to extract value from what you have and spend time creating the vision of where you want to go on the digital journey.

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Maintenance Work Orders in the Age of Industrial Internet of Things

Inspite of the automation, work orders were created manually and assigned manually to maintenance engineers. The automation provided by software tools relied on humans inputting asset, maintenance and people related information in the software. Over the 5 to 7 years, the basic concept of entering information is becoming redundant. Most modern machines can now monitor their own condition and send out information to maintenance teams if their operating parameters have breached. Industrial Internet of Things is changing how maintenance work orders are created, executed and completed.

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Technologies That Make Asset Monitoring Boring…in a Good Way

Many experienced maintenance professionals are at or near retirement age. With fewer replacements on the horizon, manufacturers are increasingly looking to industrial technology to maximize worker productivity to unlock capacity and improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Better uptime starts with better data. These four technologies help provide better data quality and access to the teams that keep plants up and running.

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Asset Performance: Wiring Your Assets for Success

Asset performance data fuels predictive, condition-based and reliability-centered maintenance strategies. Capturing run-time readings, energy consumption, condition and qualitative data in the EAM (Enterprise Asset Management)system on a real-time basis can save time, reduce maintenance costs and improve asset reliability. Obtaining quick and efficient access to asset performance data should be mission critical for every asset management operation.

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The Key to Unlocking the Full Potential of Your CMMS

While data quality may seem both simple and obvious, many companies overlook this area due to a misunderstanding on how the CMMS and data are used. In some cases, companies are well aware of their data quality issues, yet don’t understand the affects that poor data can have on their organization. In other cases, companies believe that an expensive new CMMS will be the answer to all of their problems, only to realize six months down the road that they cannot conduct basic part searches and transactional reports.

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Standard Job Plans

Standard job plans. Be sure your CMMS systems have a way to put in a standard job. That true? yeah? Okay, so Tor mentioned yesterday critical and repetitive work…great place to start and even on a repetitive job it may be something that’s really simple but if there’s a bill of materials that comes with that job, then you create a standard job plan that just has the bill of material, has the work order coding on it, and another CMMS system that we had at my last job you could actually link the standard job to an equipment number in the background so when you went in to create a work order you just put in the equipment number there’s a standard job pull down every standard job that was linked to that equipment select it and create your work order.

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CMMS – Computer Maintenance Management System

In a great step forward from management, an experienced reliability engineer was hired to help improve plant reliability. The first task for this engineer was to determine the equipment that causing the biggest losses for the business. Having had a CMMS in use for a number of years, this was the obvious place to start.

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Practical Maintenance Strategy Design For Capital Expansions

Whether it is a Greenfield capital expansion project, existing plant expansion or the replacement of existing installed equipment, sooner rather than later, you will need an asset maintenance strategy to support your production uptime targets. The longer you wait, the more expensive it becomes.

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ERP and EAM: Partners, Not Competitors

At times, this debate has been contentious, pitting one department or function against another, with the winner being, in many cases, who can yell the loudest or who has the most sway with top executives. The key participants in the ERP vs. EAM debate are most often finance, IT and operations.

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