Global Indicators for Maintenance, Availability Performance

Global Indicators for Maintenance, Availability Performance

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When a company wants to compare maintenance and availability performance internally or externally, one needs a common platform in terms of predefined indicators, enabling the company to compare apples to apples. This challenge is responded to by the Society of Maintenance & Reliability Professionals and the European Federation of National Maintenance Societies. These two maintenance organizations have launched a joint activity to compare and document existing indicators for maintenance and availability performance. This will help the maintenance manager to understand the indicators and the definitions for the indicators.

SMRP has defined a number of Best Practice Metrics to measure maintenance performance. The process is ongoing, and metrics are publicly available at In 2000, EFNMS defined a set of indicators to measure maintenance performance (see These indicators are now incorporated in the European standard prEN 15341 “Maintenance Key Performance Indicators”

The comparison activity is now aiming at a documentation of the similarities and the differences in the SMRP metrics and the prEN 15341 standard.

With the increased globalization and with companies acting globally, the need for a common understanding of the indicators to measure maintenance and availability performance is increasing, and there is no doubt that this activity in a short period of time will be a part in a global standard for maintenance indicators. This is highlighted by the fact that COPIMAN (Technical Committee on Maintenance of the Pan American Federation of Engineering Societies) is joining the comparison effort.

The result of the activity will be a document pointing the similarities and documenting the differences in the indicators. The document is in progress, and the first step has been taken to identify the similarities between the EN standard and the SMRP metrics.

The first indicators compared and identified as similar from prEN 15341 and the SMRP Metrics are:

SMRP Metrics

prEN 15341 “Maintenance Key Performance Indicators”

1.5 Annual Maintenance Cost per RAVAnnual Maintenance Cost
Replacement Asset Value
E1Total Maintenance Cost
Assets Replacement Value
1.4 Stocked MROStocked MRO Inventory Value
Replacement Asset Value
E7Average inventory value of maintenance materials
Asset Replacement Value
5.13.1 Contractor Maintenance CostContractor Maintenance Cost
Total maintenance cost
E10Total contractor cost
Total maintenance cost
3.5.2 MTTRTotal Repair Time
Number of Repair Events
T21Total time to restore (MTTR)
Number of failures
5.6.2 Proactive WorkPM & PdM Related Work
Total Work
O18Preventive maintenance man-hours
Total maintenance man-hours
1.2 Stock OutsInventory Requests not Fulfilled
Total Number of Inventory Requests

Number of the spare parts supplied by the warehouse as requested

Total number of spare parts required by maintenance


To increase understanding and the application of the indicators, EFNMS and SMRP organizes workshops based on the indicators or metrics. The chair of EFNMS WG 7 is Tom Svantesson of the Danish Maintenance Society.




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