Self-paced: Work Management Training

Self-paced: Work Management Training


IDCON INC introduces a new way to train your entire staff!

IDCON INC leaders in Reliability and Maintenance Management, has launched a new online training for Work Management Planning and Scheduling. Its goal is to get operations and maintenance teams in sync. In addition, teams will become more efficient.

The self-paced, online training is fast, efficient and includes essential Work Management information. As a result, maintenance and operations professionals will become less frustrated with how work is managed.

“We’ve worked with clients whose operations and maintenance teams had different priorities for Work Management; they weren’t in sync.” said Tor Idhammar, IDCON’s CEO.

“As a consequence, people are frustrated, distrust each other, and inefficiencies abound. It doesn’t have to be like that. That’s why we created this new training option. It’s fast, efficient and gives everyone the same understanding.”

This new training product complements IDCON’s traditional instructor-led training. People can take the training at their own pace and access it from anywhere in the world without travel costs or waiting for a date.

Individuals or organizations can buy the self-paced eTraining on IDCON INC’s website.

“When your Maintenance work has the right priority, you’ll have a lot less reactive maintenance. Your operators have trust that they won’t be wasting time waiting on maintenance. Everyone in sync.” Said Mr. Idhammar.

The training is available for individuals, plants, and corporations. Interested organizations or individuals should call +1-919-847-8764, email [email protected] or visit to learn more about pricing and registration.

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