Asset Management

Asset Management is the process of developing, operating, and maintaining assets efficiently.

CMMS / Tech Database

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems and other software preserve information about maintenance operations that users can access to review the data.

Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring tracks equipment and machinery health to help predict when a failure may occur.

Corrective Maintenance / Repairs

Corrective Maintenance / Repairs addresses equipment issues after failure and attempts to rectify the issue.


Engineering is the science and technology behind the design and use of machines and structures.

Equipment Knowledge

Maintaining equipment requires extensive knowledge of the equipment you’re working on, read to discover new information and useful tips.

Facility Maintenance

Facility Maintenance involves the processes used to keep commercial spaces operating safely and smoothly.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management involves tracking all physical assets throughout the entire process of production and the demand for those assets.

Life Cycle Cost

The cost of owning assets spanning over their entire lifetime.


Introducing a lubrication agent into machine components provides many benefits and should be a regular practice.

Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management strategies are used to ensure efficient production and proper use of resources.

Materials and Spare Parts Management

Materials and Spare Parts Management involves supply chain planning to ensure raw materials and spare parts are available when needed in the manufacturing process.

Operations and Maintenance

Operations and Maintenance work together to ensure daily operations run smoothly and machines maintain high uptime.

Planning and Scheduling

Planning defines the “what” and “how” while scheduling defines the “when” and “who.”

Preventive Maintenance

Performing scheduled maintenance activities on a regular basis can help prevent future unforeseen failures.

Root Cause

Determining the origin of problems or the “root cause” is necessary to help identify appropriate solutions.


Prioritizing safety has many benefits, read to learn about important regulations and pick up a few safety tips.

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