Facilities Management Technology for 2023

Facilities Management Technology for 2023

HD Vo, InMapz
Posted 01/24/2023

Introduction – Facilities Management Technology for 2023

In 2023, speed and accuracy are driving forces in the facilities management industry, to keep costs low, track and maintain assets and mechanicals and be always compliant. To do this, you need facilities management technology that’s easy to use and affordable. Using paper-based floor plans, maps, blueprints that are usually dog eared, stained, and filed away where nobody can find them is a recipe for disaster. This article reviews technology that can be deployed via your phone or tablet to ensure that your entire team is on the same page, where every asset and mechanical is identified and tracked, and you never lose anything. In 2023 you want to employ best in class technology to keep the business running smoothly with a team that loves using the technology.

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InMapz Application

Tracking Mechanicals

Asset tracking apps are one example of a relatively recent facilities management technology development. One relatively recent facilities management technology is an asset tracking app. With an asset tracking app, you can reduce your audit time and thereby reduce costs.

You’ll be able to improve maintenance, faster and more accurate by staying on top of budget. You will also be able to stay compliant with regulatory requirements such as ISO 9001 certification and your own internal controls. In addition to these benefits, these apps make it easy for you to add assets and equipment into the system along with wayfinding options; this is possible throughout your facility – whether it’s indoors or outdoors!

50% Reduction in Audit Time

New facilities management technology has the potential to reduce the time spent on auditing and number of auditors per site.

Audit time is a major cost to operations, with audits being conducted at least annually. In some cases, asset tracking software can reduce the frequency of audits by providing managers with more accurate information about the location and condition of assets, almost instantly. This not only reduces audit time but also reduces travel costs for internal or external auditors traveling to multiple sites for these checks. In addition to the reduction in time spent on each site visit and lower associated expenses (fuel, lodging, etc.), this also means more efficient use of human resources: there will be fewer people involved in each inspection trip because they’ll be able to hit all locations once and for all instead of multiple visits for each one. The result is fewer staff members needed overall — a big win!

Proactive Service

Tracking assets and their maintenance history is key to improving your balance sheet and operations. With the knowledge of when an asset has been serviced, you can be proactive about future repairs. When you can see where an asset is within minutes of its last service call, you can more easily track down any problems that arise. And if something goes wrong with an un-serviced piece of equipment, it’s easy to determine who’s responsible for making sure it gets fixed—and fast!

Within Budget

The benefits of knowing the location, condition and maintenance costs of assets are clear. But it’s not just about dollars and cents—it’s also about keeping your facilities running smoothly.

No matter how well-maintained an asset is, there will always be unexpected things that come up that require repair or replacement. When an asset moves out of place or breaks down unexpectedly, it can lead to costly delays in your projects and disruptions to operations if you don’t know where the spare part is or who has access to it. This can impact productivity as well as safety—and all without even considering the cost implications!

On top of this, by having a complete view into your asset tracking system you’ll have an easier time staying on top of budgeting for ongoing maintenance tasks like preventative maintenance programs and service contracts with vendors where possible.

Equipment Data shown in the InMapz Application

Easy to Use

The user interface and experience of any app is an important part of ensuring the customer enjoys using it, and therefore continues to use it. The UI should be intuitive, easy to use and simple enough for anyone to pick up.

A mobile app solution provides a unique set of challenges which needs to be addressed by designing a sleek, elegant interface that fits perfectly within the confines of a touchscreen device (such as your phone or tablet).

No More Paper

You can make the process of tracking assets easier, faster, and cheaper.

Reduce audit time: Every six months you will be required to perform a physical inventory of all your assets. This means going through every room in every building and making sure that everything is where it’s supposed to be. This process can take weeks and cost thousands of dollars–not only does this mean lost productivity but also time spent on paperwork for your staff. Many companies hire third-party auditors who perform audits once or twice a year at great expense, which can be a waste as well! With an asset tracking app, you’ll know exactly what’s missing from each facility before they even open their doors each day thanks to real-time updates on their app or website dashboard–no more paperwork headaches!

Summary – Facilities Management Technology for 2023

Facility managers face many challenges, from ensuring that their assets are always in the right place to providing a great customer experience. We have highlighted a few opportunities for a great user experience with a mobile tracking and wayfinding app, saving a ton of time and money while improving employee safety and satisfaction.

About InMapz

Founded by MIT and Caltech engineers, InMapz created fundamental technology to convert static floor plans into digital twins through an automated process.  Each structure shown on the floor plan can become a smart object with its own attributes such as GPS location, model number, serial number, photographs, and so forth.  For example, conference rooms, HVAC equipment, IoT sensors, etc. can be extracted from the floor plan.  Users can easily add, edit, and delete other mechanicals.  Rather than having to go to the office to pull up paper floor plans and cross-reference spreadsheets, users can access their building’s digital twin via the InMapz app or web browser on the phone, tablet, or laptop.  Through selection and filtering options, users can both visualize on the digital twin and see a list of whatever smart objects are specified. 

InMapz saves time and money for facilities managers, building auditors, third party maintenance teams, emergency response personnel, airport travelers, trade show organizers and attendees.  The company has mapped hundreds of millions of square feet, including over 300 international airports, 1500 worldwide malls, hospitals, schools, universities, trade shows, office buildings, data centers, factories, and hotels. Consider enlisting InMapz help in 2023 to improve your facilities management.

To InMapz your building, please visit www.InMapz.com



HD Vo is founder and CEO of InMapz, an indoor mapping technology company that converts static floor plans into dynamic digital twins to manage your buildings from anywhere. Mr. Vo is a serial entrepreneur and has founded 4 companies. He earned bachelor’s and master’s in Electrical Engineering from MIT and MBA from Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management. He can be reached at [email protected]

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