Smartphone Apps for Maintenance

Nowadays most everyone has a powerful computer in their pocket, their phone.  Many of us are using them in maintaining our plants. Whether you are neutral or a devotee of the iPhone or Android devices, I think it’s safe to say we have only just scratched the surface of possibilities for using our smartphones to maintain our plants. Just think about how good it is to always have a great camera in your pocket with pictures viewable instantly. Does anybody remember the hassle of film? Waiting days to find out if an image was captured and how well it looked.

The Pump Affinity Laws 2-1

There are occasions when you might want to permanently change the amount of fluid you are pumping, or change the discharge head of a centrifugal pump. There are four ways you could do this, of the four methods the middle two are the only sensible ones. In the following paragraphs we will learn what happens when we change either the pump speed or impeller diameter and as you would guess other characteristics of the pump are going to change along with speed or diameter.

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