Maintenance Manager

Maintenance Manager

  • Glanbia Nutritionals Inc.
  • Full-time employee
  • Location: Springfield, MO

About the company

Glanbia Nutritionals Inc. is an innovative producer of dairy and non-dairy solutions including cheese, nutritional and function nutrition solutions, and flavor solutions.


The Maintenance Manager's responsibilities include:
  • Repairing and Maintaining plant machinery and facilities
  • Ensuring food safety
  • Installing modifications, adjustments, and improvements to machinery
  • Able to modify new and existing equipment
  • Responsible for electrical, plumbing, and other misc. facility repairs
  • Responsible for work order and spare parts programs
  • Develops and Maintains standard operating procedures


  • BS in Mechanical, Architectural, Electrical Engineering, or a related discipline
  • 5+ years of experience as a maintenance manager, preferably in food or nutraceutical
  • Strong SAP knowledge

Open positions:

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Natalie Johnson

Natalie Johnson

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