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Root Cause

An Integrated Process for System Maintenance, Fault Diagnosis and Support

This paper presents an overview of an integrated process for system maintenance, fault diagnosis and support. The solution is based on Qualtech System, Inc.’s (QSI’s) TEAMS toolset for integrated diagnostics and involves several key innovations. As a showcase of the integrated solution, QSI, along with Antech Systems and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), have recently completed a research project for the Information Technology Branch at the Naval Air Warfare Center–Aircraft Division (NAWC-AD) in St. Inigoes, MD. The entire system, termed ADAPTS (Adaptive Diagnostic And Personalized Technical Support), provides a comprehensive solution to integrated maintenance and training.

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CMMS / Tech Database

Does Lubrication Belong in the CMMS?

Most, if not all, companies use CMMS systems to oversee their maintenance activities. From home-grown systems to complete ERP systems, leveraging technology allows companies to more efficiently and effectively manage their maintenance, repair and operations activities. So as a core maintenance function, surely routine, lubrication-related preventive and predictive activities such as regreasing motor bearings, taking oil samples, and executing oil top-offs and inspections belong in the CMMS system like any other maintenance task, right?

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Condition Monitoring

Principles of Insulation Testing

Probably 80% of all testing. performed in electrical power systems is related to the verification of insulation quality. This Cadick Corporation Technical Bulletin briefly describes the fundamental concepts of insulation testing including – insulation behavior, types of tests, and some test procedures. For more detailed information, refer to the bibliography at the end of the paper.

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The Building Blocks to Creating an Effective Lubrication Program

The goal of every lubrication program should be to ensure that all equipment receives and maintains the proper levels of lubrication such that no equipment fails due to inadequate or improper lubrication. In order for this to happen, we must follow the 5R’s of lubrication – right lubricant, right condition, right location, right amount, right frequency.

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maintenance budget
Asset Management

How to Cut Your Maintenance Budget (Without Cutting Your Throat)

Regardless of the nature of the manufacturing process you maintain, the subject of your maintenance budget has doubtless come up in recent days—probably over and over. That’s because most organizations still view the maintenance department as a cost center, and when it’s difficult to locate the bottom line, senior managers have a tendency to look behind the maintenance budget to find it.

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Asset Management

Maintenance Outsourcing: A Step Towards Product Service Systems

This paper considers Product Service Systems as an emerging approach to creating a win-win situation for OEMs and their customers, and discusses maintenance outsourcing as a step towards applying this new concept. Two key elements in successful maintenance outsourcing are to understand the risks to the service providers in taking responsibility for their customers’ maintenance activities, and understanding the value that is delivered to the customers by the maintenance service provider. The concept of ‘value in use’ will be introduced. as an improved decision criterion for maintenance outsourcing, and the need for a too/ to assess value-inuse will be explained.

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professional development
Asset Management

Professional Development: Driving the Economic Engine

There are numerous issues influencing our economic engine-many real, many politic, and many mysterious. We could discuss capital formation problems, balance of trade politics, over-wary management, and so on. However, I want to focus on the part that professional development plays in this scenario. And more importantly-the role that professional development will play in the future performance of our economic engine.

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