Operations + Maintenance = Production – Part 5

by Christer Idhammar

In the previous columns, I discussed how to promote the vitally important operations/maintenance partnership. To find those columns, visit www.paperloop.com and look for back issues of Pulp & Paper. This is the last in my series of columns covering the operations/maintenance partnership, and it ends where it is more common to start a series like this with the vision and mission statements.

As most of us know, vision and mission statements do not always exist, and, if they do exist, they are seldom well-communicated or understood. Not long ago, I sat in a meeting to discuss these statements with a group of operations and maintenance managers from a large international company, along with their vice president of manufacturing. After presenting the many different statements used in different plants, it all became very confusing. “Do we all understand the difference between vision and mission?” a frustrated manager asked. It showed that most people in the meeting could not clearly define the difference, yet they all had documented statements.   Continue reading →